Wash Instructions

Hey there, looks like you got your shirt dirty? Don't worry, with a few simple steps we'll have it looking fresh in no time.



First, remove the shirt, I know this will be hard to take off! 

Second, we'll wash it:

  • If you need to wash the whole shirt we recommend hand washing in cold water, using a mixture of ¼ teaspoon baking soda to 2 cups of cold water, so as to not damage the canvas, or leave any unwanted spots on the shirt.
  • If you just need to get rid of a stain or smudge, we recommend spot washing. This will preserve the pocket's crispness as long as possible. To spot wash, mix cold water and baking soda (1 part each), let it soak in (at least 1 hour), then wash it away with cold water.
  • For stubborn spots, a mixture of a mild detergent and cold water should get the job done. If extreme measures are needed, a drop of bleach can be used, but be careful around the pocket when using this technique.

Third, well, dry it! We recommend you always lay your shirt flat to dry, and never put it in the dryer.

Last but not least, wear and repeat!

If you have any problems be sure to send us a message at help@futuregrownup.com and we'll be happy to help!