About the Art Pocket Tee

The Future Grownup Art Pocket Tee is a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. It is the outcome of two years of experimenting with some of our favourite things: creativity, quality, and imagination.

It is a labour of love to get these pieces into your hands. Here’s a look at how we do it...

Painting and Prep

We partner with an artist we love, commissioning a unique 5’ x 4’ original canvas painting. We work with the artist to bring their vision to life, choose the style and fabrics of the shirts, and create a range of related products. When the painting is done, we carefully inspect the piece for quality and paint consistency. And now, we’re just getting started...

Cutting up the Painting

Once the painting phase is completed, it is carefully removed from its frame. We then hand measure it multiple times, before  cutting it up into 110 individual rectangle pieces. Each piece is then waterproofed, numbered, and stored for protection while we get ready for the next phase...

From Painting to Pockets

From there, we then hand over all 110 pieces to our sewist. They trim the canvas of each piece to turn it into a rough pocket shape. Each pocket is matched with a Future Grownup tag in one of four colours (hint: keep an eye out for the red ones), surged to prevent fraying, and finally hand-sewn into the finished pocket shape.

Putting Together the Art Pocket Tee

After the pockets are completed, they are ready to be attached to the shirts. Each shirt is hand-inspected for quality to ensure there are no loose seams, no scuffs, and no defects. The pockets are carefully plotted to ensure perfect placement. Lastly, our sewist firmly attaches the canvas pocket onto the shirt, with added reinforced stitching along the corners.


The last stage is packaging up our Art Pocket Tees. All of our shirts are sold in blind box form, so you never know which of the 110 unique pockets you're going to get - all you’ll know from the outside is which release the shirt is from, and the shirt size. Inside each blind box, folded in the shirt, we put a limited edition 8” x 10” print, numbered and signed by the artist. These are the only prints that have been made of the painting.

Other Goodies

We’re always playing around with more cool things we can make, so keep an eye out for extra goodies like stickers, pins and other giveaways. In every drop, we also hide a “golden ticket” in a single pocket - the person who finds it can redeem it for an amazing prize made by the artist.

Finally, stay in touch! We love seeing our Art Pocket Tees out in the world. You can stay up-to-date on our latest products and events by following us on Instagram: @futuregrownup.