Introducing Kyle Desnoyers

Future Grownup is growing!

We have been so humbled and inspired by the incredible response that Future Grownup has received so far. Our first two paintings, collaborations with Josh Makorto, are completely sold out! We could never have gotten to where we are today without him.

Over the past few months we have had the privilege of working with another extremely talented artist, who joined us on this journey to explore art and all it can be.

We are excited to announce that our next collaboration is with artist Kyle Desnoyers! Kyle has been both a supporter and an inspiration since our earliest days. His body of work is diverse, and spans from digital art to illustration to painting and beyond! Kyle pushes the limits of shapes, textures, styles, and colours - and has the rare talent to be able to bring that unique vision to life in ways that we think are, frankly, genius.

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Thank you again for your support! We’re really looking forward to sharing this next stage of our journey with you all.

- The Future Grownup Team